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Embedded Automation’s New mCentral Simplifies Digital Home Integration

Las Vegas, NV – January 8, 2007

Today, at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2007, Embedded Automation introduced mCentral, a Media Center server, which is designed to simplify the installation and integration of digital media, security and other home control systems. mCentral will be previewed within the SmartLabs booth at the International CES 2007 (South 2 25908).

What is mCentral?
mCentral is an Intel Viiv® compliant Core 2 Duo system which runs Microsoft Windows® Vista™ and includes Embedded Automation’s mControl software. mCentral acts as a server for client Media Center Extenders, Digital Media Adapters (DMA) and other Media Center computers. In addition to managing digital media, mCentral also allows users to view and control, in real-time, their security, climate control and lighting systems from any client.

mCentral will be available in two models:
  • mCentral (Rack Edition) is 19” rack-mountable and is only 1U (1.75”) in height.
  • mCentral (Enclosure Edition) is designed to be mounted within a standard structured wiring cabinet enclosure.
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“mCentral provides several compelling benefits to both installers and end-users,” said Ted Singh, Business Development Manager of Embedded Automation.

“Installers will like that mCentral promotes a standardized Media Center installation and cabling method. The mCentral platforms are in form factors and mount locations that are consistent with other devices – such as security system panels. Also, uptime and callbacks can be reduced simply because, unlike living room-based Media Center computers, the server model tends away from system tampering.”

“End-users now have an affordable and scalable platform for managing digital media and home management. There is no large computer is the living room – only a Media Center Extender or DMA device is necessary. The architecture allows for adding user interfaces in any location with Ethernet access. Furthermore, Network Attached Storage (NAS) can be added when necessary, at a centralized location.”

mCentral Simplifies Installation: mCentral takes advantage of the emerging Media Center, Media Center Extender and Digital Media Adapter eco-system. For new homes, this allows for greatly simplified home wiring – usually only CAT5 cable runs are required to each room. Due to physical proximity, integration with security systems, climate control systems and cable/telco network entry points is greatly simplified.

mCentral Enhances the User Experience: By mounting in a utility area, mCentral avoids key limitations of home theater PCs, such as noise management because of heat abatement. mCentral provides two Ethernet ports to permit separation of media access/storage and streamed media output to client Media Center PCs or Media Center Extenders.

mCentral includes mControl Digital Home Software. mCentral will be available in the second quarter of 2007.

About mControl
Thousands of customers worldwide use mControl software to view, manage and secure their “digital homes”. mControl integrates lighting systems, security panels, cameras, climate control and audio/visual components into a unified interface which is accessible through televisions using a remote control, via an Internet browser, through touch screens and even by voice. mControl meshes seamlessly within a Media Center environment to provide an integrated home control and media management solution.

About Embedded Automation
Founded in 1998, Embedded Automation designs, manufactures, and markets solutions for “Digital Home” under the mHome product family. mHome products allow consumers to easily and affordably add control and media management capabilities to their homes. mHome products are available from Embedded Automation and through the mHome Authorized Dealer Network.

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