Embedded Automation Announces mHome Power Management Module


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Today, Embedded Automation announced its mHome Power Management Module. The mHome Power Management Module, which provides real-time energy usage information and control functionality, is available as an add-in to Embedded Automation's mHome products, including the award-winning mControl Digital Home Software and soon to be released mPanel Digital Home Portal. Initially supporting the TED (The Energy Detective) energy monitor, the mHome Power Management Module will scale to support other power measuring devices and future technologies such as "Smart Meter" solutions.


The mHome Power Management Module offers the following benefits:
  • Available as an mControl plug-in module - no user programming is required.
  • Real-time status display, allowing users to view current energy consumption and historical usage from any mControl user interface.
  • User-configurable power management conditions for use with mControl macros based on any of the following properties: current power usage (kW), peak power usage today (kW), total power today (kWh), total power month-to-date (kWh) and others.
  • Live view on mPanel for view-at-glance status information.
"The mHome Power Management Module represents a big step towards conserving energy. The solution is affordable and easy to install. All a user needs to do is enter where the device is located on the network and the information is automatically presented in a easy to understand format on a variety of user interfaces – including on their Vista Media Center, from any Internet Explorer browser session, on their cell phone or on any mPanel connected to the home network,” said Ted Singh, C.E.O. of Embedded Automation. “Not only have we given our users the key first step of having a live reading on their energy usage with which they can use to localize energy waste, but via mControl’s automation engine, users can also create energy-saving macros.”

The mHome Power Management Module will be available in August 2008.