Embedded Automation releases mControl 1.60


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A new version of mControl has been posted:
mControl v1.60 (Home Edition) Build 2468 (2006-10-04)
  • One Voice Technology (voice recognition) integration. Source code and grammar file is provided to allow functionality extensions by users.
  • New Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow developers to create applications which can interface to mControl. The SDK includes:
    • mControl SDK manual with detailed information on the mControl application programming interface (API)
    • Sample source code projects which interface programmatically with mControl, including macro operation and event handling
  • New user interface choices and related documentation:
    • New “grey skin†which provides a more condensed view including more zones and devices in the View Zone page
    • Documentation to allow customization of user interfaces
  • Enhanced macro functionality including:
    • Capability to trigger on Elk security alarms or arming/disarming
    • Capability to set HVAC values within a macro action
  • Support of Global Cache RG-1 (long-range IR receiver) which can be used for macro triggering.
  • Enhanced security camera support including:
    • Static JPG image viewing with auto-refresh (instead of video stream)
  • Enhanced X10 support including:
    • Better handling of X10 input for status updates and macro triggers
    • Improvements to X10 message handling for HVAC operations
  • Many other general enhancements, including: UI, robustness, performance, macro operation and documentation