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Embedded Automation announced today that it has released two new Media Center PC’s as part of their mHome product line, mTheater HD and mTheater MC. Both mTheater models have been designed to fit nicely in the living room alongside other home theater components, manage all forms of digital media in the home, and are “home automation readyâ€.

mTheater HD and mTheater MC come in the same, sleek, A/V style case to give the appearance of a conventional home theater component (e.g. DVD player, receiver). However, on the inside mTheater is loaded with the latest technology for the management of digital pictures, music, movies, and more. mTheater also provides tremendous flexibility for how and when TV is enjoyed with the ability to pause and record live TV, and easily set recording schedules so favourite shows will never be missed.

Both mTheater models also ship “home automation ready†with Embedded Automation’s leading home management software, mControl, and a starter kit for lighting control 2. mControl manages whole house lighting, security, IP camera, HVAC, and IR communication, in addition to a host of other features for increased convenience and accessibility. For more detailed information on mControl, its features and benefits please visit: http://www.embeddedautomation.com/EAHAmControl.htm.

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mTheater HD has been optimized for HDTV. This is accomplished with Intel’s latest chip design, the Pentium D (Dual Core processor), an over-the-air HD tuner card, antenna, and 500GBs of hard disk space. Hard disk space is very important for HDTV as it requires over 10GBs of space per hour of programming. mTheater HD is also an Intel Viiv compatible device.

“HDTV awareness and enjoyment have increased significantly with the penetration of HDTV-Ready displays and the increased availability of HDTV programming†says Maury Lum, Sales and Marketing Manager for Embedded Automation. “Major cities in the US can have a number stations being broadcast over-the-air digitally, with an increasing amount of the content in HD quality. This, in combination with the advances in home automation technology and reductions in price was the impetus for Embedded Automation to provide a single platform to service both needs†says Lum.

For complete specifications and additional information on mTheater HD and mTheater MC please visit: http://www.embeddedautomation.com/EAHAmTheater.htm.
Ø mTheater is available in custom configurations, contact Embedded Automation
Ø For information on authorized dealer programs, dealer pricing, and availability, contact Embedded Automation at the information below

1 The mTheater HD model has been optimized for HDTV
2 Choice of starter kits are available, contact Embedded Automation for more information

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mTheater is currently available in limited quantities directly from Embedded Automation. Embedded Automation can be contacted through their website www.embeddedautomation.com, by email [email protected], or by telephone (604) 596-4999.

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