EOLR problems with OPII and Honeywell Aurora Motions


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I have an OPII with two hardwire expanders (10A06-1).  When I added the first one, I put the address jumper on position 1 as directed by the instructions.  Although the instructions do not indicate what to do in the case of a second hardwire expander, I guessed that the second hardware expander should have the address jumper in position 2.  I only mention this because if I am wrong on this then it may be contributing to my problems with the motion sensors.
I am using the Honeywell Aurora motion sensors and have them connected to one of the hardwire expanders.  I have a 1000 ohm EOLR connected in series to the motion sensor.  When I look at the status, they all show trouble with a loop value that hovers between 167 and 169.  Then I decided to remove the EOLR from one as a test and it seems to be working.  I am using EOLRs everywhere else and I cannot figure out why they're not required, or even possible here?
Now when I say that the test motion is working, it doesn't seem to be very stable (it randomly triggers) but then it's just laying on the floor right now so maybe the A/C is messing with it.
The only additional piece of information that might possibly be relevant is that they're being powered by an external 12V power supply.
Any idea what may be going on here?
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Look in the manual to see if there is an optional built in EOL resistor.  I have seen this before.  It's been so long here that I do not recall the EOL resistor value for the OmniPro 2 panel.  That said initially I did start with no EOL's and have since only installed to my OP2 panel EOL resistors to every connection.  I utilize the stacked style daughter board zone expanders here. 
I just looked inside of my OmniPro 2 can and do have a little bag of EOL resistors in there.  The bag though is not marked with a value.  I would have to look at the colors of the bands which I am bad with.
Googling HAI OP2 EOL resistor seeing numbers like 1.0 K which is what you have.  For me here see values of 148-150 on my zones.
There is the option of not using EOL's on the Omni Pro 2; it is all or nothing though. 
Googled the Honeywell sensors and do see a mention of "Spare EOL terminals". 
Then I decided to remove the EOLR from one as a test and it seems to be working.
So maybe you already have EOL's.  Here soldered and used heat shrink tubing.  You have to look to see them and they are not easy to see. 
You can also just disconnect the wires from the panel and the PIR and utilize a VOM to measure the value of resistance.
Thanks for the quick reply.  Don't bother decoding your resistors, I'm sure that 1K is correct.  I've scoured the documentation that came with the motion sensor and there is no mention of a built in resistor.  I tried to call Honeywell but they only want to talk to dealers, not the lowly consumers.  They couldn't get me off the phone fast enough.
I too soldered my EOL resistors and covered them with heat shrink tubing for all the windows and doors.  Now that they're covered with foam insulation and drywall, there is no going back.  I mistakenly put my EOLR in parallel on the motion and couldn't understand why it worked in reverse!  A few searches on here and I figured that one out.  NC vs. NO.  When I went back to "fix" them, I used a dolphin connector.  Now it's looking like I need to cut those back off.
So for your stacked zone expanders, do you use address 1 and 2 or are they both on one?  I'm almost certain that the second one needs to be on 2, but I can't find any documentation to confirm it.
I'll take your suggestion and disconnect the PIR from the panel and measure the resistance there.  
Looked at the panel / daughter boards and yes I have the little jumpers on the address section pins on the left top of the daughter boards (well only can see the top one).  Never configured anything in PCA for those boards.