Erratic behavior from Elk Wireless?


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Hi all.  I've been working on my second Elk M1G installation and I'm having some trouble with the Elk two-way wireless that I'm hoping someone can provide some insight into.  Since this home was prewired for security, the majority is hardwired, but I have a handful of wireless sensors for areas where wiring was not run (or impossible to find).  I've installed the transceiver centrally in the house on an interior wall at the top of the stairwell leading to the basement.  The first sensor I installed was a 6020 on the front door that is roughly 10 feet away from the transceiver, through an interior drywall wall.  This sensor has been installed for a couple months now and behaves very inconsistently.  If i open the door and trip the sensor 10 times, I will get a handful of instantaneous responses (along w/ green LED) and a bunch of variable responses up to several seconds in delay and including complete failure (red LED and no zone response).  I've also had several instances where it would trip but not restore, leaving the zone violated.  I thought maybe something was up with the sensor itself or the specific location, so I took another 6020 and a 6021 and experimented and I get the exact same inconsistent response from all sensors even when I am standing directly in front of the transceiver, or anywhere else in the house.  I used the same equipment at my last house with over a dozen windows and doors with 6021s and 6020s, along with a similar installation location for the transceiver, and always had instantaneous response, similar to a hardwired zone.  Could it be a bad transceiver?  Other wireless technology in the house is pretty much limited to wifi and zwave (via ISY).  This installation is similar to my last, with the exception of 2 hardwired zone input expanders and an output expander, so there is additional bus traffic but I can't imagine that's the problem.  If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

I would remove the batteries from all of the sensors and then replace them one at a time. This may give you a clue to what's causing the problem. If the problem still exists after removing the sensor batteries then I would look to the transceiver ot it's installation for the trouble. If the problem goes away then replace one battery at a time until the trouble re-appears.