Error Enrolling new KP


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I have my basic system running but am having a slight issue enrolling my second keypad.

Here's my setup:

Keypad 1 (RS485 Address 1) on Data Bus Branch 2 (autoenrolled working great)
Keypad 2 (RS485 Address 2) on Data Bus Branch 1 (not working)
Both keypads have the termination jumper installed
JP2 and JP3 on the M1DBHR are installed

The display is saying:

KP Addr -> 2
Lost Comm.

and just continues to beep.

When the address is set tp one (which I know is bad but is the way the unit powered up originally, it says 'Ready to Arm' so I'm assuming all the cabling is okay.

Any guesses?
Do you have anything else on the bus connector on the control besides the DBHR? I am going to assume just the DBHR. If so, you need the jumper on JP1 on the DBHR AND JP3 on the control, that will give you your 2 terminations for the control. Sometimes its easy to miss JP3 on the control. If you had a second hub or anything else also wired to the control directly then you would terminate that and remove JP3. It sounds like the hub to keypads wiring is right.
Good Call Steve. I did miss JP3 on the control but it still is offering the same behaviour.

My config now is:

JP3 on the control installed, JP1 on the M1DBHR (which is the only device off the control) installed. In trying to troubleshoot I now have both keypads (master bedroom, front entrance) connected to data bus branch 1. I have both keypads jumpers installed but have removed JP2 on the M1DBHR.

I can move the keypad that offers this behavoir, lets call it KP1 from the master bedroom to the working location at the front entrance and it is fine. If I move the working keypad, lets call it call it KP2, to the suspect location in the master bedroom, it doesn't work. I suspect that means my cabling run to that location is bad as both KP's appear to work from the one location.

Does this logic sound right? I'm going to re-crimp the keypad connector in the master bedroom and see what happens...
Yup, if they both work ok from location A and both fail at location B then it definitely sounds like cabling to location B. Since you moved things around on the DBHR I don't think this an issue, but be sure that when you insert the wires into the connector, the connector is fully open and when you screw it down both wires are between the top of the connector (where the screw is) and the metal part that moves up when you tighten. I think once when I was moving things around and had 2 sets of wires in a single connector, 1 of the wires snuck underneath the metal part that pulls up and made intermittent contact causing a similar problem. So just make sure all wires are tight and if you have a cable tester or tone generator it would be good to make sure there are no opens (broken wire).
Okay more info:

It doesn't appear to be cabling and here's why:

If I program KP1 to bus address 1 it works fine. KP2, with address 2, reports 'Lost Comm.'

If I reprogram KP1 with bus address 2, it fails and reports 'Lost Comm.' but KP2, now with address 1 works fine.

Same results if I swap the keypads and their locations. I've also pushed the new firmware to both keypads so the control and the KP's are up-to-date.

So it would appear to be some sort of addressing issue?

So - what now? It appears a KP not on address 1 won't work for me. Why could that be? When enrollment happens does it enroll a KP at an address or via a special serial number? Have I mixed that up?
Hmmm, I've only got 1 keypad currently so I never enrolled additional ones so I don't know if I can help much more. In RP under Send/Rcv > Show KP and expanders, do BOTH KP's show up? I would probably connect the KP with addr 1 in the 2nd location and insure it works alone. This will prove the KP and wiring for sure. Then I would probably unenroll the 2nd keypad and follow the directions on page 2 to set the KP addr anywhere from 2-16, then re-enroll. I'm sure you already read the docs and know what you're doing but this is all I can think of. It is still doesn't work either David will probably jump in here, or call Elk support tomorrow. They are great and can probably walk through it with you and solve it. Sorry I can't be more help.
I think your problem is due to a missing step in the documentation. Once you set the address at the NEW keypad, you need to GO TO THE OLD (working) keypad to go to option 9 and do the enrollment. since the new keypad isn't enrolled, you cannot do anything with it, it just sits there and beeps.

It makes sense that you need to switch to the old keypad, but it wasn't obvious to me when I was fighting to add my second keypad. I have reported the documentation issue to David, so hopefully it will be clarified in the next revision of the docs.
I was too late to answer. Goto Option 1 in installer programming and enroll everything on the data bus. KP 2 should then come up.