Everything you ever wanted to learn about linux


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At first glance this site looks like a company that is going to try and sell you linux hardware. If you look past the images and read the topics you will find out that it is actually a site that teaches you everything you would ever want to know about linux and it does a really good job going into details.

As some of you may know I just started my firt linux adventures about a week ago and while googling for help I keep finding my slef back at this site for the answers. So far I have been able to setup an FTP server(vsftpd) a Web Server (apache) and an Incoming and Outgoing E-mail server (sendmail) I have also learned a ton of new commands from this site. So if you are bored one day and need something to read visit this site and start from chapter one. This is really a good tutorial site for linux.

NO, it is in the tutorials. Click the link above and scroll down. The Home page list all of the chapters. I noticed that chapter one is empty so start with chapter 2. Right now I am reading chapter two which is basically an intro to networking. But there are really a ton of topics on that site which may catch the interest of some of our users. You can also use google site: option to search their site for linux related topics.

I noticed that chapter 2 actually put me at another site www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php

What distro are you using? Do you have anything to say about it?

I have been playing with several LiveCD distros for the past weeks (MEPIS, PCLinuxOS, Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux, Knoppix), but have not installed anything yet. While not the most popular distro now, I plan to install the Debian 3.1. This is the version that comes preloaded with Pluto. It also comes with MythTV, Asterisk and is supposed to have a wizard for developing interfaces to serial devices, so I could try developing one for the M1. That depends on how Pluto holds to the promise, and the support that I find from them and their forum.

Pluto should be able to run on other distribution, specially Debian based ones like Ubuntu - but since I dont have much experience with Linux I want to play safe. I learned Unix before ever touching a Windows 3.0 PC, but that was several years ago. I hardly remember a command. I remember that the only REALLY frustrating part about Unix was 'vi', the text editor. The rest is not bad at all. There are several other new text editing options now, in addition to vi.