existing garage sensor


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ok guys, most of our garage door openers have color black sensors about 6" above the floor on both sides. Can this be hooked up to ELK so that, example, when we leave our garage door open, and when somone walks and triggers the sensor, can we have ELK say "Someone is in garage"? :unsure:

You'll need to get to a set of dry contacts from the beam that is being broken. Other than that it should not be a problem. Just remember that when you are working in the garage it will be announcing your coming and going and will drive the wife crazy. You may want to disable it with an F key.
it probably won't work as those beams don't put out a simple contact closure. The reason for this is that the beams are required by law for safety reason and if it was a simple contact closure, people would just bypass them.

You can add a set of photoelectric beams to do exactly what you want.
Somone could step over it and you wouldn't know (like I do when I run like crazy to get out before the door hits me).

You could add a motion sensor to supplement it.
I have to get back to my garage and see how the sensor is connected. Right now, when I walk thru that sensor, it turns on the light in the garage opener. I was thinking that if we tap this 2 wire to ELK, maybe we can monitor it.