Experience with Pulseworx 3 phase repeater?


After some investigation I now know that my loft has "single phase" wiring that is coming off a 3 phase feed in the building -- which really means I have two of the three phases from the mains. So besides ZWave, I can only use a powerline system that has a 3 phase repeater (which I will only use two of them) device available -- i.e. UPB.

The only 3 phase repeater device for UPB is the one from PCS/Pulseworx, model PRR 120/208v 3-phase repeater. After some digging around, there are some suggestions that it will ONLY work with other Pulseworx modules.

Has any of the experts here used this device? and is that really true? If it is I am basically stuck with finding a Pulseworx installer to sell me the parts and do the work since they won't sell to individuals.