External IR Receiver for Xantech D5KP keypads


My son bought a house with a Xantech whole house audio system with a D5RH controller and D5KP keypads (appear to be discontinued).  They are going to be doing some remodeling and one of the keypads is going to end up behind a piece of artwork.  We looked at moving the keypad, but it's going to be difficult due to the way the studs are located as well as some 120V power lines.  So, we're looking for other options.  We noticed that the D5KP keypad has an external IR receiver connector on it - three screw down terminals labeled +12, IR, and Ground.  We're wondering if there is an existing option for an external IR receiver with a 3 or 4' cord on it so that the receiver itself could be mounted on the side of the picture frame and wired into these three connectors on the keypad.  I found a user manual online that shows the connector but doesn't recommend a part or give any specs on what is needed for this remote IR receiver.
Can anyone suggest a Xantech IR receiver or another brand that would work for this?