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EZ Meter

I sent an email asking about the TED 5000, and here is the response:

We hope to have TED5000 available in the Oct/Nov timeframe. We will keep your email address on file and notify you when available.
Thanks for your interest in TED!
TED Support
(800) 959-5833

It sounds like they have been delaying this release for quite a while. We'll see.


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That does look cool. I requested the manual, curious about the installation (can be installed in 15 minutes).


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Sorry, it was the TED with PC capability coming out in Oct/Nov that caught my eye. Just seemed to be cleaner (brief review, just an impression). I was impressed by the reference example tossed around here from denmark I think it was that has every aspect including power, water, etc monitored.

I like the concept, just a few projects ahead of this...