EZ8 monitoring


Is there any component I have to get along with the EZ8 to monitor. I am sorry if it's a stupid question but I'm against the wire and looking for a cheaper alternative to the M1 for a bid. They rejected the M1 bid so I'm going another way. Thanks.
Do you mean "Can the EZ-8 be monitored via a computer interface so it can be used with other software"? Or do you mean "Can the EZ-8 be monitored via an alarm monitoring service"?

BTW, who is "they"?
I read that as, can I setup an EZ8 and have it monitored by a central station without buying more equipment?

I have an M1G, but from what I understand the EZ8 has everything you need to connect it to the phone, so you could use that kind of monitoring without additional purchases (you hook your phone line to it). The monitoring itself costs more though...

Now if you wanted online monitoring (via a central station) then it sounds like you would need the ethernet expansion.
Mike you read it like I meant it. I'm talking a monitoring service NOT online. I got shot down on an M1 Gold system I priced so I'm looking for a cheaper option for them. I need to shave at least $500 off so I've also considered the Caddx NX-8FP-7-RF as a ultra low-end option.