Fail to Communicate

I am surprised a search produced no hits on this topic.  My ELK keypad alternately displays these messages on the lower line:
  pg 1 date & system time
  pg 2 House
I assume this "failure" message is because the system is trying to communicate via phone and gets no expected response.  However, before recent weeks, I have never seen this message displayed before.  My M1 has been installed since 2012 and we have never been connected to a monitoring service.  I've only connected through my home network and ISY controller. 
I should note at the beginning of the year I had to replace my home computer and it took some doing to recreate my RP profile and reconnect from my PC.  In doing so, I suspect I may have changed something to cause this error to pop up.  I only recently discovered my ELKRP backup file and reinstalled that on my PC.  But to message still is popping up.
How do I clear this error message? I thought I read somewhere rebooting the EXP will clear this code.  My Telephone/Telephones/Reporting Format is disabled. Is that where is the toggle that turns that on/off?
Another odd note is before I re-established ELKRP connection, my garage overhead doors never had to be closed to arm the system.  Now they do.  I assume my new PC setup changed that as well.  Does the Zone/Force Armable option that need to be checked so the doors can be open when the Arming the system?  I believe this is what I read in the user manual.