False Alarm? Help with ELK EZ8 log message please


I was notified via email that the Burglar alarm went off on my Elk EZ8 last evening at 8:44pm. Here are the log messages:

7 Tue 10/23/2012 20:44 1 1146 = RESTORE BURGLAR ZONE Mud Room dn (Zn 1)
8 Tue 10/23/2012 20:44 1 1003 = BURGLAR ALARM, ANY AREA Mud Room dn (Zn 1)

The Zn 1 sensor is a motion sensor (type 3 - burglar perimeter instant) in a room that has an exterior door
There are no sensors on the door itself.

Since the Restore burglar zone happened within the same minute after the burglar alarm tripped, does this
mean that it is likely a false alarm? Or could it mean someone did break in and trip the motion alarm, and
then immediately left (within one minute)?

I am not paying for monitoring of the alarm system, and I am several hours away from the house. I have the system
email me messages directly, and I can remotely log in to the system.


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I, too, am several hours away! Rather than posting here, you really should call the local LEO and have them check for you!


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It could be a false alarm or a real one - there's no way to tell from just the logs. A motion sensor only reports when it actually sees motion - that could be a person walking briskly through the room, opening then closing the door, etc. If no other zones tripped, it's hopeful that nobody is inside the home - but that doesn't mean your door isn't swinging wide open right now.


I was able to get someone to go by the house, and all seemed ok, so it must have been a false alarm. There were no other incidents of motion detectors going off in the log.


Motion detectors are always problematic. I would not recommend using them for parimeter sensors because since they are heat detectors, many things can set them off like a cloud moving through the area and causing the sun to be briefly blocked. In cold weather, the heat from vents or baseboard heats can set them off. They are easily triggered by rapid changes in heat.

The dual technology units which include add a second technology are better but still not fool proof. I have my motion detectors set to alarm only after one of my parimeter door or wind sensors are first tripped, or if two motion sensors are tripped within a short time of each other. The latter would catch an entry through an upper floor window that may not be wired or some more strange method of entry.
Log reflects the zone going into alarm then returning to normal (when the relay closes again). Can't determine if it's a false or actual event.