False Alarm


I will try to explain my issue as best I can.

I have an Elk M1Gold, and on the main floor I have the following zones:

1)Front Door - Burgalary Entry/Exit1
2)Garage Door - Buglary Entry/Exit1
3)Deck Door - Buglary Entry/Exit 1
4)Man Door (off Garage) - Burglary Entry/Exit 2
5)Great Room - Buglary Interior Follower
6)Stairway - Buglary INterior Follower

I have zones 5/6 setup this way, as you enter the front door the motion from the stairs picks you up, and then as you move to the keypad (which is about 1/2 way to between front/garage door) the great room sensor picks you up.

Normally we go out the garage, and hit the exit button and the system arms fine. We usually also return through the garage, and then deactivate the alarm and all is fine.

When we leave through the garage, and return through the front door the alarm goes off.

Here is the log file

1338 Area 1 Exit Error
1003 Buglar Alarm Any Area (Stairway Zone)

How can i fix this?

Thanks in advance

Jeff T
I tried your sequence on my test M1 and everything worked on the M1 software version 4.4.4 that I was using.

It looks like you are getting an exit error on the garage door which means the garage door is staying open longer than the exit time. Add to the garage door zone definition "Force Armable". This allows the garage door to stay open without causing an entrance delay until the garage door is closed assuming you open the garage door before the exit time expires.

Make sure the Front door switch defined as Entrance 1 is working properly. If this switch is sticking, violating the stairwell motion will cause an alarm. ie. The Front door must be violated before the motion detector picks up motion or an alarm will sound.