I am working on an Insteon based HA and am not sure which module will work on my fan in my bedroom. Right now I have a switch that just controls the on/off functionality of the light and fan. The fan will only work when the switch is set to on. I will have to see if there is a lead to control the fan only, if there isn't I will install one. In the end, I will have a switch that will be able to control the light and fan independently. What type of Insteon switch will work for this? If not Insteon, will anything else work? Thanks.
The safest way to control a ceiling fan (with any communication technology) is with a relay based on/off switch (rather than a dimmer style). This gives simple on/off control, speed control is done with the typical pull chain.

If you want variable speed control, you can either use the X-10 based Compose switch at around $99 or use a dimmer based switch and hope it works. that is a very strong YMMV, as some have reported hum issues and some are worried about the motor burning out.
Instead of running a wire you could cange your switch to a keypad and put two fixture modules into the fan box. 1 dimmer fixture module for the light and 1 relay fixture module for the fan.

If you decide to run the extra wire then the keypad can control the light directly and the new wire would provide full-time hot to the relay fixture module for the fan.
So you're saying I could use the Insteon 2486D keypad and hook up the light to one button and the fan to another?
jls944 said:
So you're saying I could use the Insteon 2486D keypad and hook up the light to one button and the fan to another?
Not physically hook them up to different button, the keypad can only control 1 load. You can have the light wired directly to the keypad and contolled by one button and then have another button on the keypad control a fixture module that is connected to the fan.

Your options depend on how many wires there are between the switch and the fan plus whether the power feed goes to the switch first or to the fixture first.
There are only 3 wires (including the ground) running to the switch. That means I would have to run another wire from the fan, correct?
Either that or change the wiring at the fixture to feed hot and neutral to the switch location so you can put a keypad there. Then put two fixture modules in the fixture (if they will fit), one for the light and one for the fan.

It kind of depends on the space available to you in the fixture.