Fiber Optic Cable


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How far can I reasonably run a fiber optic connection between a PC via CreativeLabs USB SoundBlaster and an digital ready amplifier?

I have a PC about 25-30 feet away from my Entertainment area and I am wondering if I can link them to play MP3's in my family room through my HiFi system.

I know I could do it wirelessly, but theoretically the best way would be fiber (digital), no?

I know on the computer side, fiber is used when you need the distance to be more than 330 feet or so. Long story short: It should be the same if you have the cable (can get expensive I think) and you will have zero problems at that distance.
Thanks. I am seeing cables for around $50 for 50 feet, which is about the distance I need to go. Do you lose alot in video to when running 50' with an RCA cable? I am only wondering because I may want to break out the All In Wonder card that is collecting dust and install it in my Homeseer PC to stream video to my TV as well.

I have a 30 foot (I think) optical connection between my PC and receiver. It's very cheap optical cable (thin, less than 1/8" diameter) with a coupler in the middle (two 15 foot lengths). It works perfectly.

I run composite video over several 50 foot distances and it works fine. I use 50 foot RG6 cables with F-to-RCA adapters on either end.
That's sounds interesting. My house is not a large one (single story ranch - 1000 sq. ft not including my basement), so cable runs will never be that long, and my attic access is a cinch.

Maybe I'll buy a box of RG6 and go nuts... I already have the crimper.

Maybe something for an upcoming weekend.
I bought a 50 foot optical cable online for 24.99
I dont remember where I got it, but I'm sure if you look you'll be able to get a much better deal than $1/ft