Final "pre-increase" CQC Webex, 12/9 8:30am PST


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For folks still on the fence about CQC, or for those who just need some handholding and need a CQC 101 course: JKMonroe (another seasoned CQC user) will be facilitating a final pre-increase CQC Webex this saturday, 8:30am PST/11:30am EST. Please check this thread for details.

He'll be reviewing the basics of CQC, he's also got some cool stuff like the Slimserver driver up & working where you can also select XM channels through the same type of setup where you select CDs/DVDs (as opposed to my hardcoded channels) which I know several folks want to understand. I'm not yet 100% sure I can join, but if I can, i'll pitch in with details as appropriate.

Please PM jkmonroe over on the CQC forums if you're interested.
dbinaz said:
9:30am, geez...better not go drinking friday nite. :lol:
Or just don't stop. I've certainly configured under the influence before...