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Finally HAI Web-Link is working again - a huge relief


Thanks to the member Cocooner
Revive a compatible WEB-LINK client with Windows XP on Oracle VirtualBox. (very easy with YouTube video mentioned below)   
Anyone who relied on HAI Web-Link remembers that it slowly became less useful early in Windows 7 because HAI decided to stop supporting it after they released mobile apps for the HAI systems.

I still have Web-Link running alongside my OMNI-2e and it has been sending email alerts that I had configured many years ago. But ISP/email changes recently kill these alerts.  This is a mostly-vacant second home in Northern Minnesota that requires tight management of plumbing, heating a backup power systems in -30 temperatures.

After trying many things to get Internet Explorer 8 working,  I gave up and went with Cocooner's suggestion to setup a Windows XP virtual machine.
Easy Setup:
Oracle VirtualBox is free
Windows XP Pro with a valid license for activation can be found on ebay . . activation is mandatory or your efforts will die in 30 days
(or you could create a new VM when you need it and it will run for another 30 days) 
This Video by Tom's Hardware is excellent - do this Google search "Youtube Tom's Hardware How to Set Up Windows XP In VirtualBox" 
The advantage with a VM - Your Home Automation system may have a multi-decade additional life span.  But your computers come and go. With a VM you can install Virtual Box on any computer and import your orginal VM and Windows activation remain intact. Just keep a backup of the VM in a drawer somewhere so you can keep this going for a few decades.
( you can still run WEB-Link in Chrome or modern versions of IE, but many features are gone, including management of RULES/email alerts)

Rules are Back ;)