Fire Trouble


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So after a long day of troubleshooting my 4-wire smokes (10 of them) that were previously on just 2 zones, I decided to go ahead and run one per zone. I'm using an XIN on adress 2 so the zones in use are in the range of 17-32. I've got all the zones configured as type 10, with an EOL resistor at each terminal (I know I need to put them at the smokes themselves ... still trimming this out).

Zone 17 works great. If I enable it and disable all the other smoke zones and power up the Elk, I get no Fire Trouble and if I test the detector with the button it will set off the panel. However, if I enable another zone, while 17 still works, I get a generic "fire trouble" and I cannot get that smoke to set off the panel. It has power as the smoke itself goes off (they have sounders) but the panel is clueless.

Any ideas as to how to best troubleshoot this?
I know each 4 wire zone needs its own supervision relay, but don't know if thats the problem.
Each Smoke DOES NOT have to have a supervision relay on it to work. But it is best for a proper install. If the circuit has its EOL you should not have a fault. We set up a M1 on th bench and did a expander 17-32 and are using 3 System Sensor BK-4WTAB 4 wire units for testing. Zones set EOL supervised Type 10. works fine.
Just for kicks, and I bet you have, ck your setting on all zones in question and download the info again.
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