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I have purchased a concord 4 from GE. I am wanting to hard wire my windows and doors as for the wireless I am using for my storage building and garage. My question is how do I get the wire from the attic down to the bottom half of the window without them being seen? I will be using GRI surface mount contacts.

Tim, that's an impossible question to answer without knowing the exact construction of your house. Usually outside walls are tough and it depends if there are 'blockages' in the wall. If not, usually drill up at the top of the window thru the header and if youre lucky you can get a fishtape all the way into the attic. If not you will have to notch around studs, etc. Usually it is very difficult to do a perfect job in a retrofit, bit again depends on contstruction. Most pros will use a 22gauge zip cord glued around the window frame to where the contact goes. Hope this helps a bit.
Steve is correct w/o more info or pics there could be many answers and solutions. Some things that you may take a look at is removing the trim around the window to route your wires. At the top of the window you could cut a groove into the sheet rock with a "rotozip" type saw, tuck your wire into that groove and then use spackling to repair the slit.

This is just one option, there could be other ways to get it done.
A pro would probably recommend using wireless on the windows unless you can drill down to the basement or crawl space for the bottom window and up to the attic for the upper window if double hung windows. If so use a 5 or 6 foot drill bit available at most security distributors. Some of the long drill bits will have a hole in the end to stick the wire into and pull back to the window from the basement or attic.

The Concord 4 has 96 wireless zone capability.
Been There Done That!!!! Many Times.

Wireless is the way to go for many reasons, as already stated in other posts, unless you are a glutten for punishment. The GE NX-450 transmitter will do a great job and let you control top & botton sash of the window with 1 unit attached to 2 of the GRI (good choice) contacts hiding the wires under the window trim. The time you save will well be worth the added cost of the transmitters. But the BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT factor of the entire project is the Wife Acceptance Factor B) which I feel you will find rewarding. :D