Flat-screen TV emits SOS signal

that's pretty funny. Although I wonder what happened to cause the tv to broadcast such a signal.

I can't imagine it's a "feature" that toshiba would include in their sets. Unless it's supposed to be something like LowJack for your electronics.

Actually now that I think about it, that'd be kinda cool. Stuff gets stolen you just tell it to start up its SOS and go straight for it.
Supposedly certain channels (especially channel 14) are close to this frequency, and this SOS frequency is known for many false positives, which is why they are phasing it out and going to one in the 400mhz range, but the equipment will be much more expensive (I was told from around 50 bucks for current transmitters to thousands of dollars for the new ones). Can you imagine spending some time with your wife in the bedroom and all of a sudden you have the village people walking in lol.
Freaking crazy... I would throw the book at someone... Now the poor dude is going to be afraid to watch tv the rest of his life.
That was funny. As a pilot, I did notice one technical error though. It stsated they expected to "find a malfunctioning transponder" (which operates on Ghz freg, not 121.5 Mhz). I think they meant to say "a malfunctioning ELT - Emergency Locator Transmitter".

I have a couple of spare ELT's on my shelf - with OUT batteries, just to keep something similar from happening.
Well TECHNICIALLY, he could watch that TV without anyone breaking down his door. But the restriction is it has to be done, at I beleive, 5 minutes after the hour, to 15 minutes after the hour. Thats when they ignore the signal, so people can test their ELT's. So keep a couple things in mind, never get in a distressful situation at that time, and make sure to turn off the TV before going to bed!

You are right though, I think they meant to say ELT.... that is unless they requested him to squak 1200 to help locate him :D

I'm only about 2 airmiles from the airport. If one of my cats knocked it off the shelf, I wouldn't have to wait on the satellite to pick up the signal, the control tower would hear it immediately.

It doesn't take much of an impact to set one off, it's pretty common for a student pilot having a hard landing to trigger one.

And I don't think the Feds would cut me any slack on the fines :D