Flying Cars!

IMHO, as always..

Flying cars will never ever ever be practical.
.....Until you learn to defy the laws of physics.
you never had to deal with construction for at least 6 months every year during your 40-50 minute commute have you ;) There are definitely some issues that have to be worked out, but it looks promising.
I never said that it wouldn't be great...

I just say it isn't gonna happen in our lifetime.
People can't even drive on a 2 dimensional plane. I'd hate to see them try to figure out the z-axis. ;)

All I know... They better include an alcohol breathalizer for the starter if they plan on selling anything like this to the general public.
Well, I used to think that way too until I learnt more about the project NASA is working on, it makes navigating one of these things almost fool proof, and hopefully they will have a stricter testing methods (even the new, easier, piloting license would be a good idea).
Would be nice, but.....

by the time the FAA regulations and the manufacturs liability insurance premiums, etc are added in, I would predict a cost to the consumer of at least $100K.

Maybe I'm wrong (have been many times in the past), but I've been following several different inventors that have been promising to open up the sky to the masses for many years.

Maybe someday.....
The Highway in the Sky idea technology will certainly improve the safety of existing aeronautics. But flying cars? Not until we invent quieter and more efficient lift technologies. You can't exactly build a floating sound wall, especially if you have people wanting to fly in the sub-400 ft. zone to avoid FAA scrutiny.
Living in Florida, (THE retirement state) I am frightened to get on the road with some of these people. I cant immagine having to go from worying about them hitting my parked car in a parking lot, to worrying about them comming through my 2nd story window! hahaha!

I would love to be optomistic here, and say it will come to pass soon, but I have to agree with the concensus in this thread. The noise is certainly one thing. The other is the sheer wind force generated to lift the thing off the ground. A single pebble on a sidewalk or in the street turns into a projectile durring takeoff or landing. Not to mention all the dirt and debris that will be part of it as well....

For now I'll stick to my Cessna 172 and landing and taking off at a designated airport ;)