For those Caddx and homeSeer people


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I mentioned in another thread here about a new plug-in to help the current Caddx HS plug-in.

I posted the info Here.

Check it out it is a great plug-in and a great help to the current Caddx plug-in.
Those of you who have the caddx let us know how this plug-in does. I am thinking about converting my current alarm system into a caddx system
After re-reading my post it may be a bit confusing. This is not a Caddx plug-in. It is mearly a plug-in that will allow changing of the device status strings, this is very helpful to the current (Nitrox) Caddx plug-in.

This new plug-in helps other items as well by allowiing you to change the device status stirngs. So that On=Open, Off=Closed, or On=Home, Off=Away. It will also log the time that the device has been in this state.

Overall a great HS plug-in.

Oh cool! I'm glad you cleared that up. I thought i was going to have to wait until i got a security system to get any use out of this plug-in. I can probably get some use out of it now. Might give it a whirl later!

I am NOT trying to sound negative, maybe just need some more clarification, but I don't see what advantage this plugin has (in my situation) other than creating device strings to replace the Homeseer default "On" and "Off" values. If Nitrox is including this functionality in his new plugin version, what advantage would this offer me, and is it worth adding yet another plugin for that functionality?

The reason I ask is my current Homeseer setup has been rock solid. The only plugins I now have are the mcsOcelot, Caddx, and MLHSPlugin. The only scripts I have (other than mine) that are recurring are JohnWPB's weather script and the CNN headline news script.

I would need a lot more functionality from a new plugin before I risked my current state of stability. I'm not saying this or any other plugin would render my system unstable, just stating that I will not stray from my current setup without a good reason.