Forums Editor?


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I was wondering if anyone knew of an editor like Wordpad that would allow you to type up nicely formated past and then copy and paste the code into an actual forum. Basically I want to create a tutorial but would rather work in a WYSIWYG type editor instead of on the forum its self.
The new version of Invision has a WYSIWYG editor, but I won't be able to start working on CT again until my HA stuff is back up. What you can do is save it as html and replace the html codes with the actual forum codes.
Thats one way to do it. I was hoping that someone had created an offline editor so that I can take my time and work on the tutorial without having to Post and Edit and Post and Edit online. I see what you mean about the HTML and replacing the tags but that does not always turn out the same.
Something like this but in English is what I am looking for.

There are several HTML/PHP/Java-based editors that are meant to sit in a web page (served from a web server) for editing content. I wonder if these can be used locally and then the contents copied and pasted? I know of FCKEditor (, TinyMCE, etc.

However, for most forums or web sites, the editors use the template style sheets and such from the web site, making it that much better integrated than something stand-alone. That's why I use the FCKEditor on several of my web sites.

You might want to try looking at something like a blog editor/submission client system - that might work better locally for you. WordPress comes to mind with it's plugins capability (