Frame mounted small LCD TV


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Can you recommend me a moderately priced small LCD TV (13 - 15")? It will be installed in the new kitchen cabinets that my neighbor is making for himself. He does custom cabinet and closets, and he would like to put a TV on his kitchen - may be to offer to future customers.

I checked in newegg, but most of them come with a base and side speakers. I would like to know about any with removable base and small, below mounted speakers. Ideas for frame mounting it will be welcomed too.
Does it need to be a TV? Or, can it be a computer monitor with an attached TV tuner? The tuner can be hidden anywhere (with some sort of IR repeater).

It will probably be easier to find a monitor with a minimal frame around it than it will be to find a similar TV.

Most bases, on TVs or monitors, should be removable.