Free eBay Bidders Software

Thanks for the app, looks pretty cool. I have a question though, is there a way to limit the searches to specific categories? I'm getting quite a few results and would like to narrow it down some more.
Good question. - 2 answers

You can refine the search using the advanced search algorithms +, -, (OR) to weed out what you don't want ?

Example: Say I want a Sony CD player but not AM/FM/CD for automobiles. I might try this spec:

sony +cd +player -(auto,car)

this will return all sony cd players but not if the word auto or car is in the description.

2nd answer - I just found out that there is an update available that will also allow you to search within a category. Go to the BidSage update page and download the update. It will still say Version 2.00 but if you add the category number in brackets (ie: [15111]) to a search spec it will search that category only.

You should be able to update the version through the menus.