Free Insteon T-Shirts....................


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Exclusive Offer - Limited To First 400 Orders!

Get INSTEON-ized with a Free INSTEON T-Shirt
when you purchase any INSTEON-Compatible item

Enter desired size promo code when you check out
Small : INSTEON1 Medium : INSTEON2
Large : INSTEON3 X-Large: INSTEON4
Offer Restrictions:

While supplies last
Offer cannot be combined with other ecode promotions

Ok its this or free shipping or free lampr/appliancelinc. Which would you pick?????? :)
I actually picked the free Appliancelinc. I need a few and I ordered about $100 worth of stuff so it was a good deal.
My stupid question of the day: What store is this?

It sounds like the Smarthome web store. They do sell other products than INSTEON and have some nice gadgets available. They are not always the cheapest so it is a good idea to compare prices and shipping charges prior to ordering.

How about the EFRIEND8 20% off???

Joe, thanks you just saved me $197 off my order!

Where is this offer?

Here's the link. Notice it says "...feel free to send this offer to everyone you know!" For some reason, it doesn't state the actual promotional code itself on that page; the code is EFRIEND8. Just use that code at checkout. Note that, as always, the Smarthome checkout will allow you to apply only one code!

Rich, you're welcome; glad to help :ph34r: .