Free Tivo DVR After Rebates


Can't beat this even if you just subscribe for a month to get the rebate and use the parts or as a dump DVR.

Place: Circuit City website
Time: Through April 30th
Note: Look at the rebates and find that there is actually a tivo rebate and a CC rebate that can be used with a copy of the upc.
Link: here
That page is a bit confusing. It mentions "Free after reabtes" then, right below that it says " Price after rebate(s):$99.99"

BestBuy has them for $99 with no rebate required. Also the one above will let you record 40 hours, and the one at BestBuy will record up to 70 hours. Here's The Link.

I got my Tivo free with DirectTV service 2 years ago with a 1 year contract, and have NEVER looked back! Once you own one, you will wonder how you ever got by with out it!
Better hurry and enjoy these rebate offers while they last, Tivo announced that they are going to seriously cut their marketing budget, so rebates will be a thing of the past.
Yes, it is confusing. If you actually click on the rebates link you will see that there are 2 $100 dollar rebates, making it free.

I believe you can use these without the service like you would a vcr. You set recordings by time and channel, and probably don't get any program information. You would also have 30min live tv buffer for pausing and rewinding live t.v.. Not the tivo experience, but thats some cheap hardware (looks like shipping is free to).
JohnWPB - Your link is for a DirecTivo.
boxerman - Your link is for a Tivo.

You may know the differences but I am stating the obvious for those lurkers who don't: While a Tivo can be used with DirecTV service (like a VCR), it is very cumbersome. A DirectTivo can't be used for anything other than DirecTV service.