Free X10 Starter Kits!!!!!


Staff member
Many years ago, was giving out free X10 starter kits, which is what got me and many others into home automation. They are doing it again! If you have been dying to get into home automation, this is your chance!

The kit includes:
  • Firecracker computer interface
  • Palm Pad Remote Control
  • Lamp Module
  • Transceiver
It's not as great as our fantastic Zwave USB starter kit we are giving away, but hey you can't beat free :)

disclaimer: can not be held responsible if you happen to get addicted to home automation, will however be able to support your home automation addiction needs!
Even though I have a decent array of gear, I jumped on this again. I Can always use more modules. Granted I'm working on going towards outlets and switches, but I'm not 100% there yet. So I'm taking the cheap stuff when I can.