Freedomotic Open Source Building Automation Need help


Hi to all!
I want to share with you our project.
Freedomotic is an open source building and home automation software written in Java.

The aim of the project is to build a data mashup oriented building automation framework for seamless integration of building and home automation technologies, mobile, web and social networks. Freedomotic leverages modern distributed computing architectures, and provides crosslanguage APIs for extension.
How it works

Freedomotic supports popular building automation technologies like BTicino OpenWebNet, KNX, Modbus RTU, X10 as well as custom automation projects using Arduino devices, do it yourself (DIY) boards, third party Android frontends, text to speech (TTS) engines, motion detection using IP cameras, social networks integration like Twitter, and much more... All this features are deliverd as downloadable plugins from our marketplace.

Private Users: Tired of incompatible, expensive automation technologies and remotes everywhere? Learn why automate your home with freedomotic.

Business Users: Museums, shops, offices,...? Learn how to create innovative services for your customers with freedomotic.

Developers & Organizations: Freedomotic can be easily extended with cross-language plugins. If you want to develop a plugin for an automation protocol, integrate your own "do it yourself" Arduino board or create a custom frontend for Android with your brand take a look here.

Freedomotic can run on any OS with Java support (Linux, Windows, Mac, …). It can be deployed on a single standard PC, a PCs network, a network of embedded devices like BeagleBoard to create a set-top-box, or a mixture of the previous.

Freedomotic is actually a working beta but is growing rapidly with the suppport of our community. We are searching for contributors and you can contribute in many way, development or not, let us know writing to [email protected]

We need testers, developers, designer. Any help is welcome!
I find it surprising that the market in Europe has more open technoligies than the US.
Isn't BTicino from a subsidary of Legrand?
Yes, in Italy BTicino (group Legrand) is more used. Their community (myopen) has about 10000 users worldwide. Instead X10 isn't much diffuse, more in US. We are trying to integrate a great number of tecnologies in our software, but we have no great economic resources. So we can't buy all devices for development and we need help from end-users.
What type of tecnology do you use in your home automation?
I have a down-to-the-concrete remodel in progress.

For lighting I'm trying to decide between Vantage ( Legrand ), ALC/OnQ ( abandoned Legrand ) and Lutron.

Frankly it's the openness which is more of an issue than the price. that and wires and a distributed load management model.

For security we've selected Elk.

I've been a Java developer since before Java was called Java, and am also quite happy with circuit bending / arduino / processing foo. Networking from the days of Token Ring and thick ethernet: wrote stuff for Novell.

So your project is interesting. Aside from the Underwriters Labs / home insurance aspect :) Once again Europe is in the forefront of open technologies. Nice to see. However it's too early to help me out.

What can you tell me about that test rig on the My Open community site? oh wait it's described more under Gateway... onward
Vantage ( Legrand ), ALC/OnQ, Lutron, ELK, which of them is open? Is there the possibility to integrate in a third part software with minimal effort?
I'm adding you to my web pages. So far I haven't found what license you are using (okay I haven't looked extensively yet ;-) ).
Do you have anyone working on reverse engineering the OnQ Selective Call ( point to point ) paging systems?
it would be great to have that under computer control
Aside from encouraging you to share the Google, let me tell you that it is an intercom system which allows users to direct their 'calls' to specific rooms, to monitor rooms, to answer in a hands free mode, and with the proper extensions answer the front door and get video imagery.
This is the same application right? Did you change the domain? It also looks like I need to update this record, so if you have any additional info you can give me, please do, thanks!

Thanks :) I've added it to the project section of the pages
If you are collecting open source home automation software, don't forget to take a look at the CocoonTech Home Automation Software List (just use the 'open source' filter).
Hi Dan! Yes it's the same project with a new name (the other was too generic). I sent to you updated info by PM. Thanks
as an aside: the latest issue of 'Make' magazine has a number of articles on arduino / zigbee home automation projects
Hello to all,
we are very glad to announce the poll for the NEW FREEDOMOTIC LOGO!!!

Ivan ( have sent a huge set of great professional looking logos and choose one it's a very hard task. For this we have created an open poll on the website at this address

The poll will last one week, 1 vote per account, you must be logged in to vote.
You are encourged to leave comments in the poll page.

So let you ear your voice and vote for your favorite!!

Ear you soon,
The Freedomotic Team