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Hello Everyone,
I'm currently remodeling my home, I have access to open walls.  I'm pretty new to home automation and have a few questions  so please bear with me.
First,  I have a question about wired front door bell monitors.  
I've seen at an open house once,  a setup where the front door's door bell when pressed,  all these mini LCD monitors located inside the house would automatically turn on and show a live feed of who was at the front door.   The setup was by a company called Control4.  Does anyone have experiences with this type of setup from Control4  or similar setup?  Does it allow you to receive notifications on your smartphone as well when you are not at home?
My understanding is that there are two processor units offered from Control4 used for front door bell monitors.  One supports only a single LCD location and the other, which is double the price,  supports multiple LCD monitors and also accept additional IP cameras for further security monitoring.  Price point for this setup totaled about $4K for door station monitor, multi-unit processor, and three LCDs.    
Another company that I know of that has sort of a same product is OnQ.  It isn't quite as nice as the control 4 setup I saw at the open house though.  Can anyone recommend any other companies that have similar products? 
Ok and finally second question...
Are there any hardwired automation wall light switches out there?  Like a regular 120 volt light switch just on and off function that you can connect with a cat5 cable back to some controller unit that could be then networked to the Internet  so you can then control it with your smart phone if you wanted to?  I know there are switches out there that uses wireless like zwave, zigbee, and etc.,   but would like a  hardwired type setup and would like to know if there are such a product.
I read on a post here and someone mentioned a brand called Centralite but I am not sure which line is it?  A search gave me product line called Centralite LiteJet but I"m not sure if it does what I need.
Thanks for all the help and sorry for the noob questions!



Insteon is "sort of" hardwired.  It has both powerline trasnmission of control, and wireless.  You can't shutoff the wireless side however, if that is a concern for you.


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Control4 is a home automation technology that you need to pay an installer to install. Quite expensive, but if you are willing to pay a lot, its a good system.  For the doorbell, checkout some of the Wi-Fi doorbells out there. They have built-in cameras and motion detectors. Around $200 and you can install them.  Skybell is a popular one, but there are others.  Type "WiFi Doorbell" in Goggle.
There are more expensive options too. Like Leviton has some add-ons for the Omni controller so cameras can display on indoor control panels, but the Wi-Fi doorbells are the cheapest route.
Are there home automation lighting systems that use cat5 wires? Yes, in fact the Omni Pro II can control one but the prices are high for switches, and they are hard to find. For the most part, most people use UPB technology that goes over the powerline, or Z-wave or Zigbee or Insteon which are wireless.  The wired systems are going the way of the Dodo bird.  Just not worth the cost because other reliable systems exist.  Look up "ALC" to see these switches. The switches can be $150+ each vs. the $40 - $65 you'll pay for other types.


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I have recently installed the control4 home automation technology. It is very nice and comfortalbe to use. With one touch I can dim the lights, stream the music, lock the doors and activate security system. It quite a smarter living experience to have Control4 in your home. It will be more exciting for you if you have bought a new home. As I said earlier I buy a house in Essex County NJ and having these smart technology in my home is simply like a icing on the cake.