Fun with popups in HT automation


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Well, I was away most of the weekend, so my token hour or two of CQC time was spent mucking with popups and if-then logic. Check it out, not totally done yet, but seems interesting.

On the main menu, pressing DVD will pop up a screen asking you which room you want to watch a DVD in. If you select one of the TV zones, it'll allow you to continue on to the DVD screen. If not, it'll error out. Once I learn how to turn down the opacity of a popup, I can get it to blend more seamlessly with the underlying screen.

Not sure yet whether this is what i want, but if you recall my old screen where I had all zones listed, and only those sources valid for those zones, it was pretty busy and required lots of clicks. I'll let this one sit with me, see if it feels better.

I'll walk folks through this on the Saturday monthly CQC webex if they want to see the coding stuff live. We may have a limit of either 10 or 25 people on that call, so if you want to get the walkthrough, please reply to this thread. It's first-reply, first-serve, and I don't want to attempt to reconcile PMs from different forums to determine who replied first.

Here's the flow:





Here's the logic required to make it work. Pretty simple, really.


And this is the old screen.