Further Heating Questions, ELK related


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Hi I'll try and expain what I'm trying to do, see if anyone can help with kit/ideas...
this is for a new build, so any kit could be used...

I have a Water central heating system, which can be controlled by a primary thermostat (any contact closure)
I want 3 thermostats in the flat, and any of these will need to trigger the primary contact on the boiler, or on high trigger the Air cooling.
I also need 3 zones on the central heating, and these zone valves need to trigger when the corresponding thermostat is triggered.
I thought I might be able to build all this round an ELK ? and use relays to drive the contacts and zone valves.

How easy would it then be to configure the elk ?

comments would be great !

a couple quick thoughts . .

. . if you do your own HVAC service you can probably use the ELK (I don't have one, so I can't offer specifics) . . but if your HVAC service is done by a local company, they're not going to like trouble shooting w/ unknown components . .

. . how are you going to heat your domestic water? . . if your using a "boilermate" (ie: a zone on your boiler runs to a heat exchanger/storage tank) this is usually a priority zone (ie: when it calls for heat it kills the other zones until it's satisfied) . .

do you want to use normal setback thermostats or have the ELK handle changing setpoints ?

Pete C