G4 Insteon Plugin

Mike C

Hi all,

A few screenshots of our Girder 4 Insteon Plugin are below. Its still in Beta but coming along nicely.

Features include

Automated device enumeration through existing links
Device control and monitoring
Auto updating of link databases
Group control and montoring
Sophisticated event generation, with on level tracking for each device within a group
Link management (in progress)

Insteon Device Manager Screen -> gives a snap shot of all Insteon communications and traffic


Insteon PLC Manager -> displays all devices linked to the PLC and their status, basic link management


Insteon Device Manager -> displays all devices, on levels, other properites and link database info


Insteon Group Manager -> displays groups attached to control type devices, and their links with link editing which (mostly) bypasses the Smarthome linking functions


Insteon Device Action -> Easy control of Insteon devices with followup commands


Insteon Group Action -> Send group commands (PLC)


Girder Event Log -> Show detailed events for groups and each device within a group including their respective on levels. Allows really updating of lighting UI's via the G4 web server or NetRemote or xAP

Great Stuff...I guess I will be going back to girder. Loved what you guys did with the new netremote designer. Only thing left is an ELK plugin for net remote/girder.
noshali said:
Great Stuff...I guess I will be going back to girder. Loved what you guys did with the new netremote designer. Only thing left is an ELK plugin for net remote/girder.
The Elk plugin is a work in progress. If you would like to beta test, please PM me and we will get you setup. :)
jeffx said:
Excellent! Now Netremote can control Insteon devices.
This works really nicely. Slider controls only have about < .5 second delay until the device responds. And updates to NetRemote from local device user control are about the same.
Below are a few shots of the available commands. The plugin allows for sending essentially any device command giving the user maximum control over their devices.

Here is the Action Tree for Insteon


The Device Command Action exposes the core funtions for control devices

Besides the standard on, off, dim and bright commands, we have included the start and stop manual change commands. These are very important as they allow for smooth device level control when using a remote control or a front end such as NetRemote


You can also send commands using the standard Insteon command 1 / command 2 messages as outlined in the SDK.


The Device Level Action lets you easily specify the exact level you want a device to go to. Additionally, this action lets you specifiy 'follow up' commands. This is useful for automated lighting in closets or other spaces when you want the light to turn on when a door is opened and then to turn off after a period of time in case someone forgets to close the door. This action also features an 'overide' in case the user does not want the light to turn off after the timed delay. In this case, the user can locally control the light and the follow up action does not happen. Makes it easy for the user to wanting sophisticated control. All without any scripting.


Another feature of the plugin is device level tracking for all of these actions. This becomes very important in groups. The plugin can track all devices in a group regardless if they are controlled by Girder or remotely. More on that later.

Also notice that all device pages show the current device status which are updated instantly if a device changes. While part of the underlying G4 design, this functionality demonstrates the incredible power of the G4 extensions to Lua, Girder's scripting language. The entire plugin and menuing system was coded in Lua. Menu's were designed using our point and click design tool. The importance of this is that it will allow us to extend G4 quickly and easily without the need for recompiling or patching the core application.