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I am going to release a BETA version of my new gameport software, it can run as a stand alone app, or it can interact with Homeseer, so anyone who has a gameport can enjoy this :D The occupancy mechanism is far from done, I am just testing different scenario's right now.

If you use HS, these are some of the many things you can do:
  • notify when a door opens or closes
  • use hardwired motion sensors for faster response times (and more accurate)
  • monitor any appliances using a CR magnetics current sensor
  • ...
If you don't use HS, you still can use this, here are some examples:
  • Use joystick to navigate programs (using Girder, great for kids)
  • timestamp opening/closing of windows and doors (using a batch file)
  • play a sound file when a door opens
  • ...
Obviously there is so much more you can do, these are just a few examples. The software supports unlimited gameport, but it looks like i.e. XP only supports 16 gameports (unless you can find a better driver). You can buy adapters on ebay which convert 1 usb port to 4 gameports for around 12 bucks each, or if you have a USB hub, you can just buy a single usb->gameport adapter which are easier to locate.

I am open to any suggestions you guys might have, I am planning on adding many more features to this application, I already have a rather large 'things to do' list, but please do post them. If you run into any problems, please let me know.

Installation instructions:

Just download the .exe file, and run it, it will create the ini file automatically, you can use the GUI to adjust the settings.


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appearantly, I forgot to disable the COM interaction with the Homeseer object if you aren't using Homeseer, so if you are running this as a stand alone application, please let me know. I will post an update later today.
I'm going to give this a try in the next few weeks. Although I'll need to grab a USB to gameport converter. No open slots on the HS box. I'm sure I'll be posting to death once I get started :)

Thanks Electron
cool, if you have trouble getting those, you can always get a single gameport to usb adapter, and get a usb hub, should work the same way.
Its good to see you working on this. I have a daughter getting married soon so my time is taken up but eventually I will play with this. One question though. Are you going to support the A/D feature of the joystick so we can use pots, thermisters, ect with it?

Yes, I do plan on adding that functionality too, it's actually very easy, but I didn't think it would be at the start of this project, so I didn't update the GUI for it. Maybe I can add this functionality this weekend. Congrats on your daughter getting married, I bet you are pretty excited (or worried if the guy is a home automation freak like us :))

If you find a good deal on the USB - Gameport converter, would you be so kind as to post a link?

the best deal is the guy on ebay, I have searched forever, Martin (Automated Outlet) even contacted the dealer in HK, and the price couldn't be beaten.
So, here we are a year later.. I am always the last one to the party... Looking for a cheap and easy way to monitor all the alarm contacts that the previous owners installed, but never left any instructions to the alarm panel...

Anyway, has there been any updates to the software, and what about acquiring the Super Joy 8?? Looks like I need to order from Hong Kong.. I would order a few of them if there is additional interest....

Welcome to CocoonTech scanman717!

No updates have been posted. I am currently working on finishing my server room, once this is done (should be in the next few weeks), I will take a look at the software again, I already put it on my project list since others asked about it as well.

As for the superjoys, I just got mine from eBay, so I would take a look there first, since everyone else does indeed ship them from HK.
monitor any appliances using a CR magnetics current sensor

Could you be more specific on how to use the CR magnetics with the gameport plugin:

CR Magnetic model?

Are the leads from the CR magnetic connected directly to the gameport, or do you need a resistor or something in between?

It's a great plugin, THANKS. I'm just thinking I can get even more functions out of it like monitoring the dryer, well pump, water softener, etc.....

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Well I've read through the "How To's" and I couldn't find any information on how to use a current sense CRMagnetics with the GamePort plugin. There were a couple mentions of it, but nothing clearly stating that it will work and this is how to do it. Has anyone done this? What is needed to connect a CRMagnetic current sensor to the GamePort?

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Hi Dan... I'm a HomeSeer user and I still rely on this plugin. Do you know if it will work as is with the new HS 2.0 beta? If not is it something that you are planning to work with?

Thanks much,
Hi Brett,

Since this isn't a real plugin, but just an external application supporting HS using COM, and HS 2.0 still supports COM if I am not mistaken, I believe it should work. However, in the event it doesn't, you might want to look at the following project:

It looks like the programmer is investing some serious time into his plugin as well, so might be worth a look.

I am currently extremely busy with CocoonTech 2.0 right now, but I do plan on rewriting this one once the site has been upgraded, since many people seem to rely on it.

Btw, welcome to CocoonTech!