Garage door opener

Has anybody used a UMI to activate their garage door opener.

I have run a 2-wire cable from the structured wiring panel to the garage door pushbutton location and I would like to create a momentary contact closure to simulate a button press with the UMI.

I have a spare button on my 4 rocker US 240 master controlller but I am not sure wich options would simulate a button press using "press and release" of the rocker.

I am trying ot figure out how to controll the timing delays of UPB from switch to UMI and the UMI reaction time. Most mechanical button presses vary from 100 to 250 milliseconds. It may not matter with a garage door opener, but I can think of other uses where it might. (ie: Can the timing be varied so a rocker press and release could be used as a trigger input for different devices?).