Gardeners controlling Rain8


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I am planning to add a Rain8 upb system for irrigation in my home automation setup but I am not sure how to allow my gardners access to test the system during their weekly visits and make adjustments. My system includes Elk M1G and CQC.

Cinemar built a W800 plugin that is used with a X10 RF palmpilot (which comes in waterresistant "pool side" versions). This RF remote can trigger the irrigation system zones for maintenance / adjustments. I don't know if CQC has a W800 plugin, but this might be an idea on how you can provide gardner access. You could always allow the RF to operate the system, when you are home or away. I would put a MAX timer on it in case someone forgets to turn the system off.
with mcsSprinklers, which does support the Rain8UPB, the Gardener access is granted via one of several methods. One is RF X10 with a W800, RFXCOM or CM19A and something like a handheld palmpad or multi remote. The second is with WiFi and a PDA. The third is with a powerline X10 interface such as the maxi or mini pads. For those with a Crestron system they have the remote control through the standard Crestron interfaces. Voice recognition is also possible, but not practical for the mainstream.

I have talked with the ELK folks about mcsSprinklers intergration, but too early to discuss it. I have had no contact with Dean for CQC, but mcsSprinklers does support an xAP interface which I believe Dean has implemented internally so that integration should be pretty easy. mcsSprinklers does support X10 RF and X10 powerline via xAP as well so that would be the most likely integration route with CQC.
I use the RF800 with my Elk allowing CHEAP RF controllers to control the sprinklers.

I use the Elk to do the sprinkler control, not a Rain8.
My config has keypad-adjustable twice-daily start times, bypass, and zone durations. It does not have multiple day-per-week options, but I suppose I could add it. I'm pretty happy with it just being one more module on the Elk and control that's then accessible from an Elk, a web browser, ML touchscreens, or an X10 RF remote (which is what I use for testing things, of course).
Thanks to all who replied !

Gregoryx, you got me pointed in the right direction because the gardeners will have acccess to the Elk keypad in the garage. They can use that to adjust duration and start times for each of the zones and run through the zones for testing. I don't know why I didn't think of that option before but that is the benefit of these boards. Could you post any of your Elk rules? I am really interested in how you incorporated keypad adjustability.

Do they adjust programming, or just the angle/direction of spray?

My gardner just turns the valves on manually, given that there's a simple little knob on it. Do your valves have that?
Yes they do that frequently too but I want to give them access to increase or decrease duration of activation as well as number of times to run each zone during the course of a week.

No need to include your Elk rules. I just saw you had posted them in a different thread from a few weeks ago.

Dang... I can't ever get that silly text out without truncating stuff.

hehe... just got them posted then saw your post. :unsure:


Oh, may be worth noting that since the durations are stored in the custom fields, you'll need to give them an access code to change them.

We can change ours from web or ElkRP or ElkRM or keypad. In theory from Main Lobby as well, but I haven't seemed to be able to figure out how.
Oh yeah thanks for that heads up about access code. I didn't think about that