Gate opener wiring suggestions


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Hi Cocooners,

I’m going to add some motorized/automated gate openers. In addition to 120V, I’m planning to run some wires in conduits for gate opener signaling and other low-voltage needs (TBD but likely low current draw). LV and HV will have separate buried conduits.

What’s the best wire to run for these applications in conduits (considered wet locations)? I was initially planning to use UF Direct burial rated wire for 120 V, but THHN would be easier. Is it true that all THHN rated wire today conforms to THWN specs (wet rated)?

For low voltage I was considering using direct burial rated sprinkler wire which is 18 gauge and comes with up to 7 conductors that I’ve seen. Is there a better alternative for the low-voltage?

In addition to these wiring questions I’d love any input from anyone that has installed motorized/ automatic gates.


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THHN can be dual rated as THHN/THWN. The key word here is CAN. Not all THHN is suitable for wet locations.


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In the past I had a slightly more complex setup... since I have an OmniPro II system I actually put a NEMA 4x enclosure out by the gate, and installed an OPII expansion panel in it.  Direct bury sprinkler wire was used to carry the data bus, and then the expansion board handles all sorts of things.  Gate, sprinklers, a Knox Box key switch to open the gate for fire fighters, a doorbell button to alert people in the house that someone was at the gate, low voltage lighting for the front gate area, etc.
But, for normal gate operation, sprinkler wire will work just fine.
As for power, conduit with THWN is best.