Gathering the best threads, need your help!


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Alright, since we have so many good topics with really great advice, I would like to start putting it all together, and put them in categories, making it easier for new members to find these treasures of excellent advice ;) Once I have enough data, I will make it easy for new members to find these references. I want to start with the 'major' categories, and avoid exotic categories for now.

So if you remember seeing/creating a thread which deserves to be mentioned, please respond here.

Here are some example categories, with some example links.

General home automation ALC INSTEON X-10 UPB Z-Wave ZigBee EnergyWaterFuel & natural gas usage monitoring Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors & Fire suppression Irrigation Generators & UPS power backup Low voltage power distribution
  • link
  • link
Structured wiring Video security
Miscellaneous Sensors
Alarm system monitoring
HVAC Elk M1 HAI OmniPro
  • link
  • link
GE CaddX Whole House Audio Whole House Video Touch Screens PC Interfaces (serial, USB, ...)Other home automation controllers
Pool & Spa 1-Wire
  • link
  • link

So if you have a few minutes, please take the time to post your links, it would help out the community a lot, thanks!
Hey Dan,

That is quite an undertaking, and would be appreciated and helpful as well. One thing I wanted to mention, is that I have noticed since the board was updated to it's new look, that if I click on a link in some of the older threads, it results in me being directed to the main page of cocoontech. I don't know if that's an unintended result of the update, or if it will be addressed as you go through this process. there are many threads that refer to another already covering the subject, that I get this result on. Just a heads up.
Thank you for your efforts here!
The forums were moved to the /forums directory several months before launch of the new site. This means old links are now broken. I'm trying to come up with a fix for this, but it is something that had to happen ;)

This really is a big undertaking, but I am convinced that if you guys help me out here, that this won't be too difficult of a task.
I probably should have mentioned this, but don't worry about including official How-To's, they will be mentioned separately as well, since all of them are useful.
blmxm: I finally figured out a way which should keep the old links active, without affecting the current site. If you run into any issues, let me know.

Now back to topic hunting :rofl:

Thanks for those links sic0048, VERY useful information in those threads.

I'm hoping to make some time this weekend to add a lot more to this list, but in the mean time, please keep posting them, this really helps everyone out.
Good house wiring story. Also includes links in the first post to other "research" threads.

ALC lighting thread - at least that is what it turned into. I'm not sure if that thread is too long to be helpful however.

The ALC one in Dan's original post has the right title but actually links to Beelzrobs house wiring Odessy (also a great thread, but not ALC specific)...

I suppose my Nuvo Music Port coudl be in here since it seems to be the only place for info on this patience testing contraption.
Thanks, not sure what happened, but I updated the post, and included yours as it does contain a lot of good info. I think I'm getting close to all the main categories that there could be, so if anyone remembers a very useful thread, please let me know!

While I don't encourage bumping a thread, I really feel this is an important one. I added more links and categories, hopefully it will inspire people to post about links they found really interesting/useful.