GC100 IR questions


OK. I got the lighting to work with ML and HS2.0. Now I am looking at setting up the home theater control with a GC100. After reading the manuals and visiting the forums, I have the following questions that need your help, PLEASE:

1. From what I have seen so far, it seems that the only option I have is to get the gc-ire to learn my remote control codes. Is this correct? If I go on remotecentral, I see lots of codes for different equipment that people have put into a database for remotes like the Pronto. Can I just get these codes and paste them into HS? It does not seem right that everyone would have to re-invent the wheel and learn the codes.

2. Some of the codes I saw were in hex but I understand that GC100 uses decimal format. Is this correct? if so, is there an easy way to convert the codes or do I have to do the math?

3. I have downloaded the Mlobby GC100 plugin as well. Can someone tell me what would be the need for the HS plugin? What can I do with one that I can not do with the other?

Thanks in advance for your help.
If it is just a conversion, download a trial of an editor that does this. VEdit does this with a control-d to cycle through formats. I know many of the others do as well (UltraEdit I think does the same, etc).

I have a GC100 as well, but have not set it up yet so I am not sure if there is anything else.

If the codes are small, you can open the windows calculator, put it to scientific mode and do the conversion there. IR codes can be longer than is convenient using that approach though.
Thanks for the reply Mike. I figured out the setup through the MainLobby plugin. It was a lot easier than HS setup. I thought of using the Windows calculator but some of the codes are quite long. Fortunately, I have not had to worry about it yet because the codes in remotecentral are in Hex and have worked fine. However, I only found the codes for one of my 6 components. Looks like I have to buy the gc-ire after all.

Let me know if I can help with your setup when you get to it. People have helped me so much I want to pay it forward.

thanks again