GE Concord (formerly ITI)


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In a new house, the builder is putting in a GE Concord alarm. I do not have any other options. At least they'll be hardwiring window and door contacts.

Of course, I'm thinking about ripping it out and installing an Elk M1G after I move in, or maybe installing the Elk on the side for automation and add things like motions to the Elk. At some point I could migrate to the Elk completely. My main concern is monitoring, which I want.

On the other hand, perhaps the GE is actually decent? I have no idea. They don't seem to be innovating much. For example, Ademco now has a nifty low-cost touchscreen but the Concord seems to have the same ugly keypad they've had for years.

Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of the Concord series?
Hmm, at first I wondered why it was black and white. At less than $150 that looks pretty interesting. I know I liked the HAI ones, which looked real nice but were a bit pricy ($700).

Now someone around here was commenting about they would like to see the Elk have keypads like this... would this discussion have even happened if the Elk had the equivalent (and the Elk would have been the focus)?

Now as an Elk owner, if there was an option for something like that keypad that could tie in with the automation functions nicely and have some customizations, I would be putting a couple extra in around the house.

Sorry no info on the concord, just passing through...
Elk does have touchscreens "in the works". We are waiting on more details and timetables, but they are definitely coming.

Sorry, I cannot add anything to this Concord thread.