GE/InterlogiX/Caddx NetworX NX-8E driver for CQC


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FYI: One of the CQC users just created a driver pack and some docs for a GE/InterlogiX/Caddx NetworX NX-8E driver for CQC.
Here's his post on it.

It's the very first draft of it, so don't expect wonders and bug-free usage, but rather report your issues with it to him on that thread.
I'm sure glad he took that on. So many people have asked for support or this device and I was just dreading having to try to fit into my already overflowing schedule. He's a technically knowledgeable guy, so the driver should be a good one. I'll vet it today and give him some feedback on the purely driver infrastructure oriented stuff.
He did a nice set of interfaces for it:


Oh no, another techie/sci-fi interface. He must be saved. I must show him soft & approachable art-based GUI design...

Lack of Caddx support for me is why I went with HomeSeer. Looks like I may need to take another look at CQC. Now if it would only support Insteon.
That has been talked about on the CQC boards and it does not look good for insteon. Maybe if it get more popular but at this point there really is no demand for insteon support.
What do the 3 LED's mean to the right of the zones? Usually I only see 1 multicolor for status, just curious what the 3 are...
Here is a quote from the CQC Forum
jscheller said:
The first row is whether the zone is bypassed or not, the second is whether the zone is faulted and the third is whether the zone's trouble bit is set (low battery, etc.)

Probably could use a legend someplace...
Ah, ok. When I set mine up originally I just used an enumerated image and had 1 LED. It was Green for Normal, Bright Red for violated, Dark Red for trouble, Blue for Bypass and Purple for unknown. I even had it where you would press the green LED and it would turn Blue and bypass the zone. It's alot less cluttered that way IMHO.
You might want to mention that on that thread. He's fairly new to CQC and might not have realized you could do that.