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First post here.  I purchased a ge-interlogix repeater model 600-1046-95 (I think formerly 80-922)  I have a Simon XT system with about 15 sensors and one that occasionally gives me fail sensor from being a little too far from the control unit.  I also have a touchpad that used to give me problems until I moved the antenna around.  Will this repeater also help the function of the touchpad?  I purchased this repeater but have a few questions hopefully someone can answer.  First, can an external 12v battery be hooked up to this unit and does the unit maintain the battery?  (there are two additional connections on the terminal block plus a 12v barrel connector inside. Where does the battery connect?  Also, to get up and running in "dumb mode", do I just connect the AC adaptor to the internal terminal block and plug it in to the AC?  Or do I have to go to "learn sensor" in my xt and trip the tamper on the repeater?  What group?  I tried to add a photo but couldn't figure how to upload.    Sorry for all the questions and thanks.
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You need to provide power  to the unit either through the barrel connector or the screw terminals.  It should come from a 8-15VDC (not AC!) power supply. This can come from a wall wart type power supply or a battery backed aux power supply like those available from Altronix.   The repeater does not have any power supply circuitry of its own.
I don't believe the repeater needs to learn anything.  It just takes whatever 315MHz sensor data signal it receives and re-transmits it.  I don't know if it will also work with the touchpad,  Seems like it might.
After you've made a couple more posts, you'll be able to upload pictures.
Hello and welcome.  I used to use that repeater. It worked good. As I remember the batteries was a backup, but it didn't charge them. I have switched to a Resolution RE120 repeater which is a newer model and works well. You DON'T need to learn any sensors, it repeats them all.
Recently Resolution came out with this:
Pretty neat, it actually works with many brands. Just turn a switch. It can translate between systems as well.