Get a Gmail Invite here...


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I have 5 g-mail invites left. Post a message here with you e-mail addy if you want one. I am going to give them out to frequent cocooners first so if your just some googler who typed in the word gmail invites and think im gonna give you one then you better start reading up on some home automation stuff and become a cocooner.

I wouldn't mind an invite, Even though i never really post at cocoontech. But I am sure you have seen me at the HS forum.

You forgot you e-mail addy? I do recognize your name Steve and will send you a gmail invite. You should consider joining in on some conversations here at cocoontech. No reason to be shy!

I had been reading here for a long time as guest. Just never bothered to sign up.
then last week, I decided it would be nice to actually be able to use the "view new posts" option, instead of trolling through all the forums for new messages.

So maybe I will actually post now too. :)


tripped @

Thanks Again.