Getting serious about M1 install


I've pretty much settled on the M1 as my automation panel and security system. There's no doubt that I'll be needing a lot of help and advice from you fine folks.

My installation will cover two buildings, and possibly a third later. The house is about 2200SF single story slab foundation with 4 exterior doors, 18 windows and 11 rooms total. The shop is about 2300SF, two story, with the garage and shop downstairs and 3 rooms upstairs. There are 2 16' garage doors, 2 man doors and 6 windows downstairs and 4 windows upstairs. The house will need to be post wired (I'm skilled in that area) and the shop is mostly still open to studs. I have a fairly large irrigation system - 15 zones and growing - that might get attached at a later date.

My first question concerns mounting. Here are a couple of pictures of my main rack:

This rack is in the house and I had originally hoped to leave enough room in the back of it at the top for the security stuff, but I don't really think that I did. I'm considering installing a large can in the wall to the right. The rack would have to be swung open for access. Do Y'all think that's nuts, and are there any code or UL issues with that? I do have another possible location, but it would need to be concealed some how. Maybe with a mirror.

In the shop, I have a closet that is barely 24" deep. There is plywood attached to the back wall. I'm planning to install a can on that wall, but it seems to me that I've seen installations that were made directly to the backer-board. I'd be interested in an opinions on that. As long as I'm adding pictures, here's one of the closet:

There's a pathch panel on the left and the security can would mount on the back wall towards the right side. The cables would ingress from the wire mold above.

I read several months ago somewhere that when the system was installed as a partitioned system, some people found it difficult to arm the various partitions . Is there any validity to that and or is there any reason that I should seriously consider using two separate units. For my wife to be comfortable with this, it must be VERY user friendly.

I appreciate any and all opinions offered. Thanks for reading,
I don't have enough experience to offer much help. I'm just impressed that your shop is 100 square feet larger than your house. I'll watch this thread since I'm also considering multiple Areas.
M1 area arming/disarming can be as simple or complex as you desire.

With the use of Rules you can arm or disarm all or any area when any other area is armed or disarmed.

You can program a function key on the keypad to arm or disarm any area.

You can use the menu 0 on the keypad to make it become a keypad in any area and arm/disarm any area.

You can use third party software or ELKRM to arm/disarm any area.

The are a few of the many options you have on controlling multiple areas. First decide what level of security you want and then it should be possible to achive it through the M1 programming.
Richard, as to the house size....a man has to have his priorities.

Thanks for the info Spanky. I guess what i read about before was a poorly configured system. It sounds pretty simple to do.