Gigabit Ethernet?


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Hey all,

Since I'm wiring my townhouse with Cat5e and am going to need a new switch anyhow I figured on getting one that supports Gigabit Ethernet. I do transfer movies from my htpc to the server and the files are in the 3-4 gig range so it'd be nice to speed that up a bit.

I was browsing through and found there's a whole plethera of 'em to choose from.

I'm seriously looking at a D-Link 5 port Gigabit Switch but wonder if maybe I should go ahead and get an 8 port switch instead.

Anybody have any recommendations, brands to avoid, etc.?
I would NOT recommend Cat5 for Gig E. I would recommend CAT-6. Your mileage may vary and others here will have opinions as well, but I've had bad times with 5e and Gig-E.
Thanks for the thoughts Spam, but I'd refer you to this article on Gigabit Ethernet.

It mentions that connectors can be the basis of trouble when it comes to running Gigabit over Cat5. You may want to look in that direction if you're still having trouble.
Just a quick mention that cat5E does support gigabit by using all 8 wires - all four pairs - in the cable. If your cable doesn't have all 4 pairs wired properly, you WILL have problems with gigabit. Good connectors are absolutely vital to get the speeds you want.

FYI, in a typical cat6 install, the number of connection points must be limited as they create problems with signal reflections at the certifiable speeds the wiring is supposed to operate.
No doubt on the PITA on Cat-6. But I've seen performance hit on 5 versus 6. In your case if you got the 5e, go with it.
Hello Micah.

I purchased a Linksys about 6-7 months ago, and it's working OK.
It get's MUCH hotter than I'd like however, and the internal fan is loud.
(not that it matters much, because it's tucked away in my wiring closet)
Links are at bottom.

I must say that the heat issue does bug me... lot's of people complain about it.
There is NO way you would want to stack these, or even located very near other warm components. My Linksys WRT54G and several WAP54G that I bought seem to run cool and quiet enough however.

Also, FWIW to all I ran all new CAT5e a year ago and I run GB over it just fine to 7 nodes in the house. I used good quality Leviton jacks and patch panels, a professional crimper, and a good tester to help ensure good performing connections. I also used high quality Belden cable (I used the 7913S "banana peel" stuff)

However, some will debate the value of going GB because you will probably finf it difficult to saturate a 100MB connection... even with serving up movies and music.
My choice was simple: All new wiring (just like you) and for the extra bucks for the switches, I figured what the heck! :(

Here are the Linksys links:

There is also a 5-port switch here:

Leviton link here:

One Belden Link from hometech here:
Good info, thanks for the heads up. I actually ended up buying a Netgear Gigabit Switch. Gonna have to wait to see how it works out, but I've had good luck with netgear in the past. Hopefully my luck will continue.
FWIW, I've had good luck with the Netgear blue metal switches and hubs here. Let us know how it works out. I'm considering upgrading the two servers' links to gigabit.