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Girder supports Phidgets!


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That's awesome, I am looking at using some phidgets in my car to automated windows and such, they really got some cool hardware!


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You should be able to play with these in HS (or other programs as well), shouldn't you? The interface is done using objects (as far as I can tell). They have an example using vbscript and createobject (on the phidgets site). Can't you do this within an HS script as well?

I don't mean to downplay the girder interface, which I think is a good idea. Just trying to determine/point out the versatility of these phidgets.

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By the way, despite my emphasis of scripting above, I do think that for some applications of some of the phidgets devices you would want to use a plugin.


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This isn't a plug-in...

Its done via scripting, so I agree that it can probably be done in HS too. I just don't know how to do it (Com Objects and the like), so this is a great place for me to jump off from.