Giving up on X-10, Z-Wave the way to go?


I just can't seem to get my X-10 to work anymore. Tried new serial modules, phase coupler/repeaters, nothing it getting through anymore. I'm looking in to Z-Wave, but is the Leviton VRC0P anywhere to be found? I'm dead without it. I want to use the Omni IIe to be the controller.

Is this the best alternative to X-10?
I still utilize X10, UPB, ZWave and Zigbee with my OmniPro 2 panel. All of it is working fine.

For X10 using a Jeff Volp dual phased TW-523 emulator device (years now) - dual phase X10 on steroids

You could maybe find a Leviton HAI Zigbee ZIM and use Zigbee or go with UPB for your lighting. There are a few users doing that here with their OmniPro panels.
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I found HomeSeer with a OMNI plugin that should be able to take over the lighting and other controls while still using the HAI for it's own automation. This should help somewhat "future proof" the system, at least for a little while.
Rob put the feature of time sync in the Omni Plugin because the time on the panel does go off sync over time.